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Student Registration & Enrollment

Enrolling Your Student for Kindergarten 2023-2024

The Gloucester Public Schools Student Registration Office provides information, resources, and support for enhancing family and community partnerships. Our goal is to create a positive, readily accessible community support system, and to ensure that families and students have ample opportunities to access resources and information that enable children to reach their full potential.


Kindergarten Registration Document Drop Off Information

Located at 2 Blackburn Drive - Main Office

Questions: Please Contact Christine Castle at 978-491-6644 or

Translation Needed: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 or


  Documento de Registro do Jardim de Infância 

 Informações sobre a devolução

Localizado @ 2 Blackburn Drive- Escritório principal

Dúvidas Favor contatar: Castelo Christine 978-491-6644 OU

Tradução necessária: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 OU


Documento de inscripción en el jardín de infancia         Información para dejar a los niños

Situado en 2 Blackburn Drive- Oficina principal

Si tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con Christine Castle 978-491-6644 O

Traducción necesaria: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 O