Welcome to Gloucester Public Schools. We are excited to welcome our newest students to kindergarten and delighted to have you join our educational community! Our Gloucester Public Schools' staff has been working closely with each of the preschool programs in Gloucester to ensure that your family's transition into our kindergarten program is as seamless as possible. Gloucester Public Schools' kindergarten students experience a full-day program that focuses on academically enriching, social, emotional, and academic development. Students build skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, adhering to the rigorous Massachusetts Early Childhood Program Standards and Guidelines while having opportunities to learn and develop with their peers.

Please Remember: Eligible Kindergarten students for the 2021-2022 school year MUST be five (5) years old on or before August 31, 2021

Kindergarten Registration is Now Open

Kindergarten registration is a multistep process. Please read through and follow the steps below.

  1. First, You Will Need a Number of Documents
    Every family needs a number of documents to show us that you reside in Gloucester and the age of your child. Please review our document checklist below or
    here. You should have as many of these documents as possible before you begin Online Registration.

  2. The Process Begins with Online Registration
    This year, because of COVID-19 we want to make it as easy as possible for families to register their students without coming in for a meeting. All families will begin the registration process online. If you are able to upload the necessary documents, your registration process will be complete. If you need to meet in person, see the Optional In-Person Meeting section below.
    Click Here to begin Online Registration.

  3. Our Office will Follow Up with Each Family until your Registration is Complete
    If your registration is incomplete, or if you are missing any documents, you will hear from our office. We will be in contact to help you register if you need any assistance.

  4. Optional In-Person Meetings
    After completing the online registration, if you need additional support you are welcome to schedule an in-person meeting. Also anyone who has trouble accessing the internet, is having difficulty uploading documents, or needs any translation or additional support, is welcome to schedule an in-person meeting. To schedule an In-Person Meeting, please click

  5. Hearing from Your New School
    Once your registration is complete, your child's new school will reach out with more information about the events leading up to the start of kindergarten.

Proof of Residency - One From Each List Below

1. Proof of Residency ( 1 )

  • Current Tax Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Mortgage Statement with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Real Estate OR Excise Tax Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current / Signed Lease Agreement with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current / Signed Rental Agreement with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

2. Proof of Residency ( 1 )

  • Current Water Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Gas Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Cable Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Electric Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

  • Current Cell Phone Bill with Parent / Guardian’s Name and Address

3. Proof of Child’s Age ( 1 )

  • Birth Certificate

  • Passport

  • Resident Alien Card

4. Health and Medical Documentation

  • Proof of Immunization

  • A Physical Exam ( within 12 months )

5. Parent / Guardian - Photo ID

  • Photo ID of Parent/Guardian

6. Completed Home Language Survey

A completed home language survey MUST be completed for EVERY newly registering student. This survey is required by the Massachusetts Department of Education to determine a student's need for support in a language other than English

Home Language Survey

English Española Português

7. Completed Early Childhood Experience Survey

The Massachusetts Department of Education requires this survey to assist districts with data and information on the number of children who enter kindergarten with an early childhood experience.

Early Childhood Experience Survey

English Española Português

8. Guide to the Online Registration Process

  • Step-by-step directions to provide guidance and support for the online registration process.

If you have read all of the information provided above and have gathered all of the required documents for uploading you are ready to begin the online enrollment process. Please click the link below.

Gloucester Public Schools Registration portal

Support relating to portal access please contact:

Michael Muniz

(978) 281-4925, ext. 26360