Welcome to Gloucester Public Schools. We are excited to welcome our newest students to kindergarten and delighted to have you join our educational community!  Our Gloucester Public Schools' staff has been working closely with each of the preschool programs in Gloucester to ensure that your family's transition into our kindergarten program is as seamless as possible. Gloucester Public Schools' kindergarten students experience a full-day program that focuses on academically enriching, social, emotional, and academic development.  Students build skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, adhering to the rigorous Massachusetts Early Childhood Program Standards and Guidelines while having opportunities to learn and develop with their peers.

Please Remember: Eligible Kindergarten students for the 2023-2034 school year MUST be five (5) years old on or before August 31, 2023

Kindergarten Registration Now Open

Kindergarten registration is a multistep process. Please read through and follow the steps below.

For 2023-2024, kindergarten registration documents must be completed in paper form. Kindergarten registration packets can be downloaded online at the above links. 

Complete registration packets are also available in each of the Gloucester elementary school offices and the Gloucester Public Schools Administration Office beginning January 23, 2023.

Completed registration packets can be scanned and emailed to Additionally, families can drop off completed registration packets at the Gloucester Public Schools Administration Office, 2 Blackburn Drive.

Please be sure to review the Required Documents Checklist and scan and email required documents with your registration forms.

Once you have completed the paper packet, you can email to schedule a time to review your documents and to assist you in making copies of required documents such as birth certificates, if necessary. Anyone requiring translation or additional support can schedule an in-person meeting by emailing Translators are available upon request.

This map shows the updated K-5 school zones

Proof of Residency - One From Each List Below

1. Proof of Residency ( 1 )

2. Proof of Residency ( 1 )

3. Proof of Child’s Age ( 1 )

4. Health and Medical Documentation  

5. Parent / Guardian - Photo ID


Kindergarten Registration Document Drop Off Information

Located at 2 Blackburn Drive - Main Office

Questions: Please Contact Christine Castle at 978-491-6644 or

Translation Needed: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 or


  Documento de Registro do Jardim de Infância 

 Informações sobre a devolução

Localizado @ 2 Blackburn Drive- Escritório principal

Dúvidas Favor contatar: Castelo Christine 978-491-6644 OU

Tradução necessária: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 OU


Documento de inscripción en el jardín de infancia         Información para dejar a los niños

Situado en 2 Blackburn Drive- Oficina principal

Si tiene preguntas, póngase en contacto con Christine Castle 978-491-6644 O

Traducción necesaria: Agustina Parsons 508-284-4400 O

School Choice Application 2023-2024

The School Committee has established local “catchment” areas for each elementary school. Children living within the boundaries of each of these areas have the right to enroll in and attend the local school in their respective catchment area.

School choice requests will be accepted from March 6, 2023 through May 15, 2023.

With respect to school choice, the links below outline the procedures established for families to place a child’s name on a waiting list for admission to a school outside of their local catchment area for 2023-2024: